Cylinder Exchanges & Fill Basics

Gas cylinders have a 5 year recertification requirement. This is a DOT regulation for cylinder transport and required to be current for us to safely fill your tank. If your cylinder is dated over the 5 year mark, it simply requires a re-certification. Cylinder recertifications are $25 and added to an exchange price when an expired tank is brought in. It’s in your best interest to exchange your tank, so the current one is always within the 5 year range between recertifications. If you’re concerned with the cosmetics of your tank, we do exchanges for similar looking cylinders (usually possible). Examples: new looking for new looking, steel for steel, aluminum for aluminum. If this isn’t possible and / or the customer demands their current tank to be filled instead of exchanged, we may be able to fill your tank on-the-spot or you may have to wait a day or two to fill it.

Gas Prices


Any size paintball & Sodastream Conversion cylinders- $15.00

2.5 lb – $18.00

5 lb – $25.00

10 lb – $39.00

20 lb – $49.00

Nitrogen & “Beer-Gas” Blends

normally used for cold-brew coffee & “Nitro” beers

20 cu. ft. (think 5 lb CO2 size) – $28.00

60 cu. ft. (think 20 lb CO2 size) – $60.00



Kegerators in Stock

We sell kegerators! Delivery also available! We stock many different configurations of kegerators and the equipment to build your own. We’re a one-stop-shop for all of your draft beverage needs.

Prices include everything except a CO2 cylinder.

Single Tap:  $900

Double Tap:  $950

Triple Tap: $975

Quad Tap: $1025