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Wine Club

Lodi CA Grape pre-orders happen in late summer. Wine Club is coming soon! Malbec is our new favorite grape!

CO2 / Gas

Yes we exchange CO2 in Boulder 7 days a week! 5 lb tank exchange is $19! If you have an odd size tank we may opt to fill it instead.

Classes and Events

Stay up to date on happenings around the shop. We're the spot for brewing, winemaking and all kinds of other educational and social gatherings.


Our brewery next door opened in 2015. You'll find an ever imaginative selection of traditional and experimental brews in our taproom. We're open 7 days if brewing isn't for you, we have beer! Let us know if you'd like to reserve our space for your next event!

Shop Hours

Open 7 days a week- Come see us! Monday - Friday: 11 - 7 Saturday and Sunday: 10 - 6 If you need something outside of our open hours, our taproom may be open and we can help you - Give us a call at 303-578-0041 or ask someone at VisonQuest next door!


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Keep up with classes and events!