Kegerators in Stock

We sell kegerators! Delivery also available! We stock many different configurations of kegerators and the equipment to build your own. We’re a one-stop-shop for all of your draft beverage needs.

Prices include everything except a CO2 cylinder.

Single Tap:  $849.99

Double Tap:  $899.99

Triple Tap: $949.99

Quad Tap: $999.99



Cylinder Exchanges & Fill Basics

Gas cylinders have a 5 year recertification requirement. This is a DOT regulation for cylinder transport and required to be current for us to safely fill your tank. If your cylinder is dated over the 5 year mark, it simply requires a re-certification. Cylinder recertifications are $30 and added to an exchange price when an expired tank is brought in. It’s in your best interest to exchange your tank, so the current one is always within the 5 year range between recertifications. If you’re concerned with the cosmetics of your tank, we do exchanges for similar looking cylinders (usually possible). Examples: new looking for new looking, steel for steel, aluminum for aluminum. If this isn’t possible and / or the customer demands their current tank to be filled instead of exchanged, we may be able to fill your tank on-the-spot or you may have to wait a day or two to fill it.

Gas Prices


Any size paintball & Sodastream Conversion cylinders- $15.00

2.5 lb – $18.00

5 lb – $25.00

10 lb – $39.00

20 lb – $49.00

Nitrogen & “Beer-Gas” Blends

normally used for cold-brew coffee & “Nitro” beers

20 cu. ft. (think 5 lb CO2 size) – $28.00

60 cu. ft. (think 20 lb CO2 size) – $60.00



Power Tanks



Power Tank Refill Program

We now fill Power Tanks! Every ~2 weeks we will be filling tanks, so if you have a power tank (or any other CO2 tank you are particularly attached too) please call or email us and we can tell you the next fill date is. We ask that you stay for the duration of the fill, so that we can be sure each person gets their tank back. If you wish to do a drop off with your name on the tank, you must return for it in 24 hours. Any Power Tank handles must be removed for the fill.