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Sour Solera Blend (Winter 2017)


BBXSS-0217 / Winter 2017

Sour Solera Blend Pellicle

Availability: One-Time/Seasonal

Source: A “living” culture blend propagated from our carefully managed continuous solera fermentation.

Many lab-produced multi-species culture blends fail to reproduce the richness and complexity of traditional lambic-style fermentations in their first effort. This can be a result of artificially slamming together cultures after pulling them directly from the freezer.

Instead, our Sour Solera Blend contains a unique and complex collection of Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, Pediococcus and other funky yeast and souring bacteria pulled from an active fermentation. This blend can sour in a matter of months at 70ºF or higher, or if you prefer a more prolonged fermentation, use large amounts of aged hops and/or ferment and hold at temperatures below 70ºF.

This blend is available seasonally, and will always be changing and evolving due to the nature of solera fermentations. Warning: No two Sour Solera Blend releases will be the same, and neither will their fermentations.

This is our Winter 2017 seasonal release of the Sour Solera Blend. The Summer/Fall 2015 & Spring/Fall 2016 releases are sold out.

Ordering Information:

Please note that temperatures may very wildly during shipment and after delivery. We highly recommend shipping to a person/location that can immediately refrigerate the culture once delivered.


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