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Limited Edition Print Teku 3.0 41.5cl craft beer stemware. Limited quantity available (100)

“TEKU is arguably not a glass that brewers would typically use in the context of analytical tasting to evaluate the quality of beer and detect off-flavours and off-aromas. But it is ideal for use in professional catering practice and consumer environments because its special design allows the main groups of beer aromas to unfold to perfection for a complete sensory experience on the nose and palate, and this is exactly what matters in these settings“ says Martin Darting, sensory analysis expert.

“The differences identified between the various glasses during the European Beer Star tasting session were amazing. The four selected shapes are definitely worthy winners“, emphasises Dr Werner Gloßner from the Bavarian Association of Private Breweries.

“With innovative tasting glasses and smart ideas crystallised, for example, in our TEKU glass featuring an integrated beer colour scale, we make every effort to help our clients accomplish one of their big tasks of tomorrow: namely to raise consumer awareness for beer enjoyment. As an expert in the field of glassware promotions and designs, RASTAL has all the expertise and know-how it takes to help businesses in the industry gain further momentum with added value and top-notch quality crafted into fine glass creations and handy tasting aids” says Raymond Sahm-Rastal, Managing Director of RASTAL.

“It goes without saying that a new, pleasure-oriented beer community deserves new glasses” confirms Friedbert Eder, Managing Director of the Eder & Heylands brewery, parent company of the Schlappeseppel specialty brewery in Aschaffenburg, Germany.

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